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We Offer Custom Networking, Wifi Hotspots, Extended and Wide Area Coverage on Large Properties, Farms, Resorts Vacation Homes Cabins, Second Homes, Business's and Hotel Resorts. We use the latest technology to get service where you need it including powerful gigabyte routers. Custom Home WiFi Networks ! We can make you Mobile Smartphone WORK for mobile phone calling and data  no matter where you live even where mobile service isn't available. also  Mobile Phone Signal Boosters and Web and Phone Based Home and Business Video Security Systems. We also offer Custom Audio Video and Flat Screen TV Installation and set up.  Personal Computer Assistance and Set up ! Tech support by phone.  Support services are based on $75 per hr plus Equipment and Travel.on distances over 25 mi.   Featuring  WILSON PRODUCTS - UBIQUITI - NETGEAR - TP LINK - SCHWANN VIDEO SECURITY SYSTEMS - VIVANT

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