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Unleash the Possibilities

High-Speed Internet

Stream, shop, connect as much as you want

Viasat Unleashed Includes:

  • Unlimited Data

    Browse, shop, stream all you want without worrying about data caps

  • Fast & Reliable

    Get a reliable and consistant internet experience

  • No Contract

    Enjoy month-to-month service with no long-term commitment

  • Professional Installation

    Certified techs help get your service up and running fast

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

    Easily connect home devices to your network

No contract is not available in all locations and only available to new Viasat customers. No contract means there is no minimum service term commitment. If your data usage is trending to exceed the "typical usage" of a residential user on our network, you may have reduced priority during times of network congestion resulting in slower speeds. Typical usage currently means usage trending to not exceed 850 GBs in any 30-day period. The typical usage amount will vary based on network demands. Please visit and review the Viasat Unlimited Data Policy for more details.

Everything you need to know

    Billing & Payments

  • When will I receive my first and subsequent billing statements?

  • How will I receive my billing statements?

  • Will my billing statement always be for the same amount?

  • How do I pay for my service?

  • Does Viasat internet service have a contract?

  • Installation & Equipment

  • What can I expect during my installation?

  • What kind of equipment is installed?

  • Is my location ready for satellite internet?

  • Do I need permission to install satellite internet if I live in an HOA or shared building?

  • Data Usage Explained

  • What types of data will I receive?

  • How is my data usage measured?

  • How much monthly data usage is available with my Viasat Unleashed service plan?

  • Does the measurement of my data usage reset each month?

  • How can I manage my data usage?

  • Service Plans

  • Where is Viasat Internet available?

Plans Include

Unlimited Data

Fast & Reliable Internet

No Contracts

Extras & bundles


Home phone service
  • Unlimited local and long distance!
  • Bundle and save $10/month for up to 3 months.
Starting at $35/mo only $25.00/mo for the first 3 months.


  • Includes any required service calls and priority access to customer phone support.
  • Bundle EasyCare with your Viasat Internet service and enjoy an extra level of service and support. Call 1-888-662-4618.

1One-time standard installation fee may be charged at the time of sale. Monthly service fee, equipment lease fee and taxes apply. No annual contract means there is no minimum service term commitment. You will have a month-to-month service term, which you may cancel at any time without an early termination fee. Service is not available in all areas. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Copyright © 2024 Viasat, Inc. All rights reserved. Viasat, the Viasat logo and the Viasat Signal are registered trademarks in the U.S. and in other countries to Viasat, Inc.

Viasat Voice requires an active Viasat Internet service account. Monthly fee for EasyCare is waived for the first 90 days of Internet service. Cancellation of EasyCare within 90 days after purchase may result in charges for EasyCare services previously received. Re-enrollment in EasyCare may be restricted for up to 180 days after cancellation.

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